COVER Arts New York Broadening Range Ken Hiratsuka has Been involved since the beginning when he carved the blue stone steps leasing down to the galery. Basically, Hiratsuka works in one line that convolutes and seems to be several lines. The resulting steps are special for Hiratsuka because they offered a narrow, restricted space that is broken up. We are more accustomed to see the sculptor’s work in the flat old stones in the sidewalks around town. Perhaps the most narrative of Hiratsuka’s work can be found down the street in front of Cuando. “Ken’s work completely got me unglued. The first time I saw a piece of his was a rubbing he did of a sculpting he did in front of Vasak’s bar at 7th and B.” The gallery feels privileged to represent Ken and “a hell of a lot of other fine artists as well.” Noted Dawkins. The gallery has also represented Linus Corragio, Kevin Wendall (FA-Q), Shalom, Jeffrey Seeds, Vicky Lamson, Michael Zwicky, Jeff Gilmore and a new guy, George Brown. Emerging Collector is a bridge gallery in some ways. Located in the southwest E.V. it is close to Rivington School work as are some other galleries like NOW. “Rivington School is the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole body of work that is similar that represents a real ethic taking place everywhere. I can think of 35 artists offhand that have work similar in execution and content.” The gallery shows primarily paintings and some sculpture. One of the unusual things about representing so many people is watching people’s tastes broaden,” Rick said with his informed, infectious enthusiasm. “The gallery offers a unique opportunity for this to happen.” The first Monday of every month Emerging Collector conducts an open auction of 40 works by 40 artists. The crowded auctions take place in the brick-lined boiler room downstairs. The bidding begins at $25. Concludes Dawkins, “It’s a no bullshit operation. We are selling art- not fun and games.” JW

Picture: Mark Kostabi, in Fashion Mag’s Laren Stover and Stepen Style at Now Gallery.