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The Miami News
Friday, August 21, 1987

TRANS-ATLANTIC MICRO ’87 through Sept. 20, Artifacts Art Salon, 1623 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, 2-6p.m., Wed.-Sat. Or by appointment: 523-1999

Artifacts Art Salon on Miami Beach has an interesting traveling show on view, the second in a series of miniature paintings called “Trans-Atlantic Micro ’87.” It was first shown at the Now Gallery in New York and on its arrival here added some Florida artists, who will go on to the showing in London, where still more artists will join them.
            There are 150 New York artists, 90 Florida artists and 15 English artists in the show, and the director, Howard Davis, says it’s still not too late to add more works from here before the show travels on.
            The works are all under 7 inches in size, and the include the neurotic, the erotic, the scatological, the wierd, the miniature scale seems to loosen all the artists’ inhibitions.
            The local artists seem to be more relaxed: Shahreyar and Mary Lee Atale, Jeff Selker and Ward Shelley are all represented by smaller versions of their large works. Among the other works are interesting offerings by June Ponte, Duane Bartolomeo and Joen Meyer.
            Several kinetic works, some employing electronics, are stimulating. Artifacts calls this the “biggest little group show in Miami.” And it certainly is that.  LESLIE JUDD AHLANDER