East Village


The East Village Scene
By Bard Jones

            The cold weather is right around the corner, but the East Village scene couldn’t be hotter, with excellent events every day of the week. Linus Coraggio’s one man show at B Side is superb, showin a range and maturity of sculpture which does the Rivington School proud.
            Linus’ dog sculpture with a telephone box planted in its back is one of the most humorous and provacative pieces i’ve seen in years. The show is titled “Rivington School Graduation,” but with this kind of work, it’s obvious that the excitement on Rivington Street is still high-pitched. Coraggio’s best friend, Kevin Wendall’s show at Now Gallery was also exceptional, showing the influence of his new German bride Monika in the teutonic slogans scribbled on the wall. Everyone wonders who founded the Rivington School, but I can remenber when Buster Cleveland stood alone at the No Se No Gallery in the Spring of 1984, before the others joined on. Cleveland is having a long awaited one man exhibition at Gracie Mansion in a few weeks, coinciding with his birthday!
            A new gallery to watch is Helio Gallery on St. Mark’s Place, where Joseph Sipos is running things. He switched over from Eastman Wahmendorf, which closed. It seems like more celebrities are popping up at galleries these days. Composer Philip Glass spent hours at the Now Gallery Micro Show, Isamu Noguchi made the scene at PS 122, and Huntington Hartford dropped in the the irresistable On the Wall Gallery on 11th Street.
            Hunt will always be remenbered as a premier patron d’artistes, although recently he was attacked by a crazed girlfriend who cut his achilles tendons and roped him to a bed so that she could enslave him! Hunt is back to normal now, no longer walking with a cane, although he still remembers the experience as a complete nightmare!