Eins Work


Issue No. 41 March 11, 1987

Photo: Stefan Eins „Growth” 1986. Photo: Tom Warren

Ein’s Works At Now

            The works of Stefan Eins, entitled “Research on Life and Evolutionary Phenomena” is on view through March 8 at Now Gallery, 430 East 9th St.
            “The perception of reality,” says Eins, “is changed radically in the paintings and other works I have done in recent years (since 1980). Life in my works is understood for its visual/retinal appearance as in most paintings in art history – life in my works is reenacted and re-created through the laws of biology and physics that govern it.
            “The importance of my works for painting is paralleled by its importance for science and the engineering of life.”
            “The fruits of my own independent science research are a key element in my work. Many artists have worked with liquids since prehistoric times; it is my special understanding of liquids and the radically novel use of liquids that will dramatically alter the art of painting, the way man thinks, and the way man percieves himself.”