Polish Expatriate


Curator Jacek Tylicki is an exhibitor as well. His work has been termed ‘creation/destruction performance,’ and involves hurling large quantities of paint, at a surface and, sometimes, igniting and extinguishing the works with gasoline and paint. He documents his work on videotape, and exhibits the remnants. He is the owner of the NOW Gallery in Manhattan.

            The Department of Art and Art History and the Anderson Center for the Arts are pleased to present the exhibition, “Polish Expatriate Art in America.” This exhibition is part of Focus on Poland, a series of events including films, lectures, and performances. Presented by the Anderson Center in cooperation with the University’s Art and Theater Departments, Creative Writing program, and the Harpur Film Society, Focus on Poland celebrates Eastern European history and culture, and their influence on the culture of the Southern Tier community.
            Curator Jacek Tylicki, himself an artist and Polish expatriate, has chosen works by nine Polish-born artists who now live and work in the United States. They employ diverse media, including photography, painting, performance, and slide projections on buildings and monuments. Their work has been widely exhibited in the United States and internationally.

Maciej Toporowicz calls his performance art “Live Actions” and works with drawings, paintings, silkscreen, and installations.

Stanislaw Mlodozeniec is a post-colorist painter. He received his formal training in Warsaw, and left Poland in 1980.

Krystyna Jachniewicz, who paints in oils, recieved her MFA in 1979. She has exhibited in numerous one-woman and group shows in the United States and internationally, including several exhibitions in Manhattan’s Lower East Side galleries.

Photo: Jacek Tylicki, 8th St/Ave D; 1984