Art Forum

December 10, 1986


Fifth Annual
Show At
Now Gallery

            The Now Gallery, at 430 East Ninth St., is presenting “Micro V,” a group exhibition, through Sunday, Jan 4. Gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday, from 1 to 6 p.m.
            Some 200 plus artists are participating in this, the fifth concecutive and now well-known “Micro” show at the gallery, showing hundreds of miniaturized artworks, 5x7 inches or less, some much less.
            Among them is micro-Bidlo, Mini-Greenblat, little-Kostabi, tinky-Fekner, teensy-Prol and many other small treasures, all displayed on top of walls graffiteed by FA-Q.
            The overall spectacle created by the exhibition gives a true review of the current East Village scene, from known names to up and coming talent. This is one of the most diverse and substantial shows in the neighborhood, and one that requires a long look and several visits to take in all the ideas.
            Those interested should contact Jacek Tylicki or Paul Bogdanovic at the gallery for more information and photographs.