fashion moda


ISSUE NO. 28 NOV. 19, 1986

Now Gallery, Fashion Moda,
Excite With Unusual Art Show

By Reporter

            Consider your typical art opening (yawn) with pre-made objects stuck on the wall and alcohol and an audience that will talk about anything, and the art taking a back seat to socializing and fashion.
            Now consider an opening with an audience completely engrossed in the production of art, on the spot. Something like a workshop; seeing the process becoming a performance.
            Well, there is such an opening on Tuesday, Oct 14, thanks to Stefan Eins with his “Salon” show at Fasion Moda, and Now Gallery organizers Jacek Tylicki and Paul Bogdanovic. If you were lucky enough to have been there, you know you saw something a little too rare these days; a vibrant group of downtown artists coming together, full of energy and new ideas, making art outside of market pressures, forming a movement with a fresh coherent program – that of taking their painting to the audience – both in the street and now in the gallery.
            Making their “performance paintings” either on or against the walls, the pieces by Jeff Barron, Paul Bogdanovic, Dima, Stefan Eins, Bill Hamel, R.V., Mark Stone and Jacek Tylicki resulted in a group spirit that was undeniably exciting.
            During this production, a dozen performance artists also held the audience captive, each with short “micro performances,” standouts being Erik Derkatsch and Paolo Buggiani.

Photo: Jacek Tylicki in the middle of an attack. Now Gallery, 430 E. 9th St.